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Racks & Enclosures

Standardization is a key element of modern datacentres and telecommunication infrastructures, including mobile operations; Equipment Racks and Outdoor Cabinets are key to meeting these standards. KEUS, through our partners provides a range of options for open Equipment Racks, Equipment Cabinets and Outdoor Enclosures that are customizable.

Equipment Racks & Cabinets

Equipment RackOpen Racks

Our open racks meet demanding telecom infrastructure needs with standard 19” and 23” Relay Racks at varying heights, complete with accessories.

Equipment Cabinets

We provide the full range of Vertiv’s comprehensive suite of adaptable, easy-to-install Equipment Cabinets to optimize on footprint and allow for efficiency driven arrangements such as aisle containment.

Outdoor EnclosuresOutdoor Enclosure

With the increasing need to deploy closer to the customer, telecommunications and IT infrastructure are constantly moving aspects of the network to the edge. We provide the range of Outdoor Enclosures suitable to house and protect vital equipment from the environment - with features to mitigate against vandalism.

Fibre / Copper Distribution

Outdoor Enclosures designed specifically for distribution of Fibre / Copper Cables provide clear access while optimizing space and minimizing footprint.



Superstructure and Installation Materials

Full Superstructure equipment and materials allow for overhead and under-floor cable management.

Cable RackCable Racks

Cable Racks of varying sizes and types with mounting accessories

Cables & Lugs

Power Cables (flex and non-flex) with matching Single & Double-Hole Lugs, Splice Clamps and Accessories.

Installation Materials & Accessories

Installation materials and attachments

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